How to Activate/Deactivate System Modules

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After you recieve your Network Panel Login credentials the first thing you should do is decide which modules you need and which modules you do not need in your system. Just activating all modules blindly will just fill up your system with too many unnecessary features that you may never require.

Visit the Network Modules page through the Navigation Menu -> Settings -> Activate Modules

Example Link : (Replace with your Network Panel Domain)

In this Page all the public Modules are listed. Please check Each Module and determine if its required for your business or not. If you Indeed require it then Enable it else disable it.

Please NOTE – Activating all modules blindly will become problematic for you as it will fill your Panel with too many options which you may never need. All Business requires different kind of features, We have provides modules so that each network may customize their panel as per their requirement.

You may click each Module Item name to read its details and usage. Please note that you cant activate a child module without activating its parent module first

Note- Only Publicly available modules are listed on this page,We also have several Private Modules that are not listed on this page. If you cant locate a feature you need then please contact your account manager.

Video Demonstrating the Activation and Deactivation of modules.

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