Pitch Perfect Technologies and Ad-ons Integrated in our panel will always let you win.

Build Your Ad Network With A Transparent and Affordable Tracking Platform.

The optimal Solution to track your website , app or any product traffic at one place. Grab a complete control on your Conversions, Affiliates, Payments and many more with our easy and interactive platform. intuAD brings more Freedom and Transperecy for you to decide the real path of your growth. With our multi-level and highly structured Platform your Ad-Network becomes the most Robust and Scalable.

What Makes Us Best For Your Ad-Agency.

1 Step Integration.

Setup your own Ad-Network within few clicks and start Monetizing.

Traffic Controller.

Now You have a power to Control UNLIMITED TRAFFIC with no breakdown.

Offer Re-Directs.

Optimize Ad campaigns by redirecting traffic as per geographies to specific devices and many more.

Fraud Management Shield.

Eliminate fraud traffic with the help of our Top-notch and immediate data analysis & traffic scorer.

Conversion Manager.

Equip Superb tools to Keep the coversion data dynamic and Completely controllable at your end.

Traffic Reporting

With real-time reporting, take immediate decisions. With in-depth reports and reports customisation, get everything at one go.

HTTPS tracking urls

https tracking to stay in compliance

Custom domain URLs

add as many domains as you need an use them for click tracking and conversion postbacks

Export list

export offers any reports list. To be used in-office use


Speed and Structured with Multi-lingual customizable Network Layout.

All In One Dashboard

Monitor All Analytics Related To Overall Business Statistics,Traffic Report & Fraud Detection Report All At One Place.

Real Time Reporting

Evaluate Performance Of Every Affiliate Instantly With Real Time Data Reporting

Multi Functioned Reports

Access To A Variety Of Reports To Solve All Business Needs -- General Report, Conversion Report, Test Report, Server Log, And Fraud Report.

Custom Report Calcuations

Uncheck The Unwanted Parameters In The Reports And View Only The Frequent Used Reports At One Go.

Detailed Reporting System

Our Reporting System Gives You In-Depth Detail Of Each And Every Click Like User Agent Based Data And Javacript Based Data

Fraud Detection Reporting

With Our Fraud Detection Reporting, Details Like Proxy Type,Proxy Ip,Iframe,Fake Timezone,Javascript,Etc. You Can Give Real Evidence To Your Affiliate Related To His Fraud Traffic.


From Administration tools to Traffic Tools we take Care of Everything.

Traffic Controller

Have A Control Over Your Traffic And Re-Direct The Traffic As Per Geo,Device,Etc.

Conversion Manager

Right To Approve To Decline Every Conversion At Your End.

Smartlink Dynamics

Control Your Traffic Flow Through Intelligent Smartlink Creation.

Robust API

Fast Access To Your Campaigns Made Easy With Our API Integration Technology.

Demand & Supply Tools

Keep your incredeble support on both the ends live with our demand and supply side tools.

Newtowrk Logs

Now Check all activity taking place on your network with our dynamic Logging system.


A Realtime and Precise Reporting of Complete network Stats.

Device Independent

Access your network anywhere from any device because we are built-in responsive.

Customizable Themes

Match your Brand Style with our One click custom Theme setings panel.

Multi-Lingual Platform

Language is no more barrier, our Platform Comes in all major languages.

Single Page Application

Loading Time Or Refresh is not a part of Game any more. Speed is the key.

Informative Dashboard

One place to access all your report is right at our platform dashboard.

Content Catalogue

Campaigns , Advertisers or Publishers we have arranged a Detailed catalogue for everything.


Our regular updating Add-ons and Plugins will act as catalyst to your growth.

Network Management

Manage Your Network By Brand Customisation,Custom Domain, Flexible Team Management, Domain Masking.

Campaign Management

Manage Offers By Setting Offer Access, Offer Caps,Offer Category,Custom Targetting,Multiple Payout Models.

Affiliate Management

Manage Publisher Signup , Offer Level Permissions, Traffic Quality Check, Assign Manager, Referrals And Many More.

Fraud Management

Access your etwork enywhere from any device because we are built-in responsive.

Traffic Management

Manage The Traffic By Re-Directing The Traffic As Per Geo,Device Or Custom Redirect.

Accounts Management

Manage Your Network Revenues , Affiliate Payout, Managers Commissions And Lots More Tt one Place
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